Case Studies

Property Name: International on Turtle Creek  Address: 150 Turtle Creek Boulevard
Initial Sq. Ft.
: 200,000 sq. ft                                           Total Sq. Ft. After Renovation: 158,000 sq. ft.
Year Built: 1950
Date Acquired: 2004
Renovation Completed: 2005

Located in the heart of the Trinity Corridor, Dallas’ anticipated urban re-development has become a destination for a collection of showrooms, design firms and restaurants totaling 158,000 square feet. International on Turtle Creek began as a 200,000 square foot warehouse used to store tractor parts. In 2006, International on Turtle Creek was listed as the “Best new reason to shop in the District” by D Home and has become a neighborhood venue for hosting events and concerts. International on Turtle Creek received the award for Best Adaptive Re-use of an Existing Building in 2006 by the Stemmons Corridor Business Association.

casestudy2Property Name: Trinity Loft
Address: 1403 Slocum Street / 1430 Dragon Street
Initial Sq. Ft.: 88,000 sq. ft.
Total Sq. Ft. After Renovation: 164,030 sq. ft.
Year Built: 1967
Date Acquired: 2000
Renovation Completed: 2007

Trinity Loft is a uniquely designed Work-Live space located within an established artistic business neighborhood in the heart of Dallas’ Trinity and Design District. The much anticipated Trinity Loft began as the Lee Optical Building in 1967. JLC purchased the property in 2000 and determined the best use would be a combination of commercial and lofts. JLC began working with the City to get the entire “Trinity Industrial District” rezoned, which was passed by the Dallas City Council in 2003. Architectural plans were developed to re-use the existing building, add a 4th floor with a viewing deck, cut a hole in the middle of the building to create an enclosed atrium and to add two new buildings that combined work space with living space. The renovations began in the 4th quarter of 2005 to create loft-style apartments that sit atop 26,000 square feet of first floor showrooms. In addition to this, Jim Lake Companies has built two new buildings with frontage on Dragon Street that will include 14 units that combine a first floor showroom or office with living quarters upstairs. The third floors will feature loft-style apartments with incredible views of Downtown Dallas and West End. Trinity Loft will be home to a host of innovative and artistic Tenants.
casestudy3Property Name: Bishop Arts District
Address: 310 – 390 W. Seventh Street ~ 408 – 418 N. Bishop Street
Initial Sq. Ft.: 44,915 sq. ft.
Total Sq. Ft. After Renovation: 44,915 sq. ft.
Year Built: 1926
Date Acquired: 1985
Renovation Completed: 1986

In the early 30’s the area known as The Bishop Arts District was the city’s busiest trolley stop. However, the discontinuation of the trolley and the demographic changes took a big toll on the area in the 1960’s and 70’s. In the 1980’s, The Bishop Arts District was resurrected and named by Jim Lake, Sr. and it has become one of Oak Cliff’s biggest success stories. Lake approached the redevelopment of the district with several principals in mind; to preserve the historic nature of the area, to maintain the unique mix of occupants and to have it serve the needs of the community. Over the last 20 years several artists, restaurateurs and small shop owners have been busy turning the District into one of the city’s hottest places to see and be seen. The Bishop Arts District is regularly featured in The Dallas Morning News and other local publications.

casestudy4Property Name: Dragon Howell Showrooms
Address: 1080 & 1130 Dragon Street
Initial Sq. Ft.: 62,200 sq. ft.
Total Sq. Ft. After Renovation: 62,192 sq. ft.
Year Built: 1951
Date Acquired: 2002
Renovation Completed: 2005

In 2002, Jim Lake Companies purchased a property occupied by a printing company in the heart of the Dallas Design District. Shortly after the purchase was complete, JLC took a single tenant warehouse and converted the property into a multi-tenant building with small showrooms fronting on Howell Street and larger showrooms on Dragon Street by converting the truck dock loading area to store fronts with a landscaped courtyard. The property is now home to a variety of creative businesses for offices and showrooms.