Jefferson Boulevard, where some of Dallas’ most historic and iconic buildings are found is also home to Jefferson Tower, an 8-story, mixed-use building with a rich history and unique character that sets it apart from any other multi-serving building in Dallas. Jefferson Tower was built in 1922, and much of the original craftsmanship and artistry can still be found there, most notably on the ceiling of the lobby.


Today, the building is home to Gonzalez Restaurant, which serves incredible Mexican food, The Island Spot, which features authentic Jamaican eats and drinks, and La Pesca, which brings great Mexican flavor to the area. NOLA Snoballs is the perfect place to stay cool on hot summer days. Jefferson Tower is also home to a new and unique concept: Artisans at Jefferson Tower. It features small spaces for small, upcoming businesses. Ocho’s Latin Cuisine restaurant is housed here, with vibrant murals displayed throughout and a menu expected to change 3-4 times a year to introduce new Latin American dishes. The floors above feature offices all the way to the eighth floor. The second floor above the retail spaces of Jefferson Tower have been converted into open concept lofts. The open ceilings, large windows, and expert craftsmanship make these lofts one of the best places to live and work in North Oak Cliff.


Many more concepts are in the works to fill the remaining ground level and basement retail spaces at the Artisans at Jefferson Tower. Casa del Vegano, a Mexican vegan taco spot has joined the neighborhood. Soon, Jefferson Tower will be the destination to go to on Jefferson Blvd in North Oak Cliff.