The Cedars Neighborhood

The oldest luxury hotel in Dallas, the Ambassador Hotel, has had a rich history.  The building was originally constructed in 1904 under the name ‘The Majestic’ during a time when the Cedars neighborhood was growing and bustling. After many changes in ownership it became the Ambassador Hotel and was redesigned in the early 1930’s to reflect the local interest in Spanish Colonial Revival. Many U.S. Presidents, including Roosevelt and Hoover, preferred the hotel when they visited Dallas.

The hotel has many fun details. During the years of prohibition the Ambassador featured a speakeasy with a tunnel leading out of the building during the event of a police raid. Additionally, its roof top garden with an amazing view of downtown made it one of the top dining attractions during the time it operated.

Since the 1970’s, the Ambassador hotel has served many other purposes, as a retirement community for seniors, a religious school for girls, and a center for worship for a local Baptist church.

Construction on the hotel will soon begin to redevelop this hotel into micro-lofts, retail spaces, a roof top restaurant and garden, and a basement speakeasy.