Ambassador Hotel Tribute Event

Last Wednesday, Jim Lake Companies hosted a tribute event for the great and beloved Ambassador Hotel that burned down May of this year. While a tribute was never in the future plans of the company prior to the fire, it resulted in a memorable gathering that brought together some of the greatest supporters and developers in Dallas under one roof.

Guests enjoyed craft beer brewed straight from the Four Corners brewery and a live band that kept the room bustling into the evening. Renae Martin, the Ambassador Hotel’s catering manager, shared her memories of the Ambassador and the pain she felt in losing a building with such significant history and sentimental value.

While a definite plan for the site has not yet been developed, Jim Lake has been working with many individuals and groups to ensure that the ultimate decision is one that supports the community and honors the Ambassador Hotel’s legacy.

The event ended with a silent auction offering bricks hand painted by local artists including studio artists from the Cedars Union, a non-profit arts incubator. Even the talented star of country music, Randy Travis, made an appearance to pay tribute to the Ambassador Hotel!

Jim Lake Companies would like to thank all who attended and those who have shown continuous support for the company’s mission to preserve the city’s history through redevelopment.